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Homeschooling FAQs: How Do I Schedule Out LIFEPAC?

  • Monday, March 25, 2024
Homeschooling FAQs: How Do I Schedule Out LIFEPAC?


As AOP’s first curriculum, LIFEPAC has been a trusted name among homeschoolers for over 40 years. Since LIFEPAC is a self-paced curriculum, there is no right or wrong way to schedule out lessons. However, to give parents a general guideline for setting goals as your child works through our award-winning curriculum, the Parent’s Guide to Mastering LIFEPAC recommends considering two main factors.

An average of 45 minutes should be devoted to each subject each day. Remember, this is only an average. Because of extenuating circumstances (and they do come up with homeschooling), a student may spend only 15 minutes on a subject one day, and the next day spend 90 minutes on the same subject.

The Number of Pages
A single LIFEPAC is designed to be about 3-4 weeks of study. Again, this is an average. A student should average 3 pages a day per subject to complete all 10 units in each subject in 180 days. This means that at times a student may complete 5 or even 6 pages when it’s mostly reading. Other times, only 1 or 2 pages will be completed when the text has a lot of activities or reports.

Practical Application
There are several ways to look at the pacing. To complete 10 units in 9 months (36 weeks) one unit has to be completed about every 3.5 weeks. Most units have 3 sections, so each section should be completed in a week.

The most accurate way to set the schedule of pages is to total the number of pages in all 10 units and divide by the number of days that you plan to have school. For example, most math units have 40 main pages plus 4 pages for the test and 4 pages of introduction for a total of 48. If you count them all, it will give you a little cushion. 48 pages times 10 units equals 480 pages for the year. If you have school for 180 days, 480 total pages divided by 180 days equals 2.67 pages per day. If you round that to 3 pages per day, you will come out fine.

For additional questions regarding LIFEPAC, please feel free to reach out to a friendly educational specialist at 800-622-3070.

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