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Monarch FAQs: How Do I Customize Courses?

  • Monday, March 25, 2024
Monarch FAQs: How Do I Customize Courses?


Learning is rarely one-size-fits-all which is why Monarch allows you to customize student learning, even across grade levels, to fit your child’s specific needs.

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With a Monarch subscription, you can customize your child’s schoolwork in two different ways.

1. Customize courses across grade levels.
If your 5th grader is struggling in math, you can assign 4th grade math but 5th grade for the rest of the classes. Similarly, perhaps your child loves science and excels in it. You can work ahead into higher grades of science while keeping the normal pace and grade level for all other courses.

2. Customize each course to fit your child’s pace and level.
By going into the “Assigned Work” option under your child’s name, you can see all the courses, units, and assignments that make up the year.

From this screen, you can unassign whole units or specific assignments if your child has already mastered that content. For example, if you’ve just switched to Monarch, you might find that your child has already mastered certain concepts at the beginning of a course so you can skip those assignments or even the whole unit. Some families also skip projects if they are supplementing the unit with a field trip or a different hands-on learning experience.

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