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Kinder Readiness

A topic on many parents’ minds is whether or not their child is prepared mentally and emotionally for what preschool or Kindergarten have in store. Educators from Ignite Christian Academy by AOP have developed a brightly illustrated and simple to use at home assessment for you to complete with your child. Based on your child’s score across 15 exercises, you’ll be able to confidently assess your next steps in your child’s learning journey and how to find your fit with AOP’s Horizons, LIFEPAC or Ignite Christian Academy.

Personalized Preschool & Kindergarten Options

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About Horizons

Enjoy parent and student workbooks, resources and more for your Pre K or Kinder child using the spiral learning method.



LIFEPAC print curriculum offers Language Arts and Math for Kindergarteners along with optional manipulatives to make learn even more fun.

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About Ignite

Enroll your Pre K or Kinder child in AOP’s online academy to receive a transcript for easy transition to school upon completion.