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25 Questions to Help Your Child Find the Right College

  • Monday, March 25, 2024
25 Questions to Help Your Child Find the Right College


With over 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States, it can be a challenge to find just one right fit for your child’s education. While homeschoolers may wish to consider the most homeschool-friendly colleges, there are many other factors to consider as well. To start narrowing down your child’s choices, try asking these 25 questions compiled by NBC’s SportsEngine Community:

1. What do you want to major in?

2. Would you be willing to adjust your major?

3. Do you want to be taught by full-time professors or graduate students?

4. Which type of classes do you prefer: lecture style or discussion style?

5. Will your major require an internship?

6. Do you want to take classes that interest you or would you like to stick to your major?

7. Is the prestige/reputation of the college important to you?

8. Do you fulfill the academic requirements to be accepted?

9. Are you more interested in a social campus, a commuter campus (where students tend to go home on the weekends) or a quiet campus?

10. How far away from home would you like to be?

11. Would you prefer to go to a school where you already know a lot of people?

12. What are your weather-related deal breakers?

13. Would you like a campus with a lot of green space?

14. Do you prefer to be in a large city?

15. Would you like a religious university?

16. What kinds of extracurricular or social activities are you interested in?

17. Do you want to be surrounded by people who share your viewpoint?

18. Do you want a diverse environment?

19. Do you like seeing people you know around campus every day?

20. What specific experiences do you want to have in college (e.g., studying abroad)?

21. How much are you willing to pay for college and how much financial responsibility will you have personally?

22. Do you qualify for any scholarships or financial aid?

23. Is the college town’s cost of living realistic?

24. Will you need to participate in a work-study program or similar arrangement to help cover the cost of tuition?

25. Are you willing to take out college loans? If so, how much?

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