How Does It Work?

Pair with a tutor

Students log into Pear Deck Tutor, select live tutoring, answer a few questions, and get matched with a tutor.

Begin the tutoring session

Your student is paired with a tutor and taken to Lesson Space where they have all the tools needed, such as audio, video, and screen sharing, for their tutoring lesson.

Visit the Writing Lab

For writing feedback, students log into Pear Deck Tutor, upload writing assignment requirements and their draft, and click submit. A writing expert will review and provide notes on the draft within 12 hours.

Pear Deck Tutoring Subscription


✓ 1-year subscription
✓ 24/7 on-demand learning support
✓ Live tutoring for any subject, any grade
✓ Access to Writing Lab
✓ Thousands of highly qualified tutors