Enhance Your Homeschool Experience

By using manipulatives in your homeschool classroom, you can provide concrete examples for abstract concepts and fully engage your child during the learning process. Regardless of your child’s learning style, try these hands-on activities to help with retention and offer a deeper level of comprehension.



Mix up colorful counting bears and have your child sort them by color. Students can also stand up the bears for extra dexterity practice. You can also have them count how many bears of each color. For older students, use two colors of bears to give your students a visual of basic fractions.


Have your child find and copy patterns, mixing up the colors and number of bears in each line and matching the complexity of the patterns to the age of your child. To make this a self-led activity, print out the patterns of bears ahead of time and give your little one a stack of pattern cards to match.

How Far Apart?

Pick two numbers on the number chart and have your child figure out how many numbers they are apart. For example, give your child the numbers 5 and 18. This is a great activity to supplement lessons on subtraction and addition. The chart also provides a practical visual for skip counting by 5.

Movie Time

Find the length of a movie your child wants to see. First, ask your child to show on the clock all the different times the movie starts in the theater. Next, show what time each showing of the movie will end. To integrate with art, have your child draw a poster for the movie.