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Top 10 Monarch Electives

  • Monday, March 25, 2024
Top 10 Monarch Electives


A groundbreaking online curriculum, Monarch offers your student the opportunity to add depth and variety to traditional core classes for only $10.95/month. Consider rounding out your child’s education with one of our family favorite electives from Monarch this homeschool year.

Consumer Math
High school students learn important money management skills with Monarch Consumer Math. Packed with lifelong practicality, this ten-unit course teaches students to plan and organize personal finances. Interactive lessons review basic math concepts and teach students to examine loans and credit cards. Useful topics like taxes, insurance, and retirement also are discussed.

Family and Consumer Science
This year-long course teaches important life skills such as building Christian character and relationships. Offering practical lessons on everyday tasks students do throughout their lives, this elective for grades 7-12 includes lessons on about cooking, cleaning, sewing, interior decorating, finances, childcare, and more.

French I
Examining everyday situations and conversations, this introductory, 12-unit elective for grades 9-12 outlines French language mechanics and builds proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students practice dialogue, hear pronunciations, and learn basic sentence structure. This course also teaches vocabulary for a tourist.

Health Quest
Created for students in grades 4-6, this elementary elective introduces students the concepts of good health, why it’s important, and what students should do to achieve good physical, mental, and emotional health. Units cover the parts of the body, feelings, emotions, nutrition, fitness, home safety, adolescence, play, and the importance of stewardship.

High School Health
Designed for grades 8-12, Monarch High School Health delves into topics that affect maturing students. With topics applicable for adulthood, this five-unit course focuses on accountable Christian living with practical lessons about proper eating habits, social health, home safety, immunizations, drug use and abuse, tobacco, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Keyboarding & Applications
Throughout this semester-long elective, students practice proper keyboarding techniques with the goal of increasing speed and accuracy during daily lessons. Students also learn to create a variety of business documents, while gaining practice with effective communication skills, productive work habits, and file management.

Personal Financial Literacy
Teach your student to take responsibility for personal finances with this semester-long elective for grades 9-12. Packed with interactive lessons that make learning fun, this curriculum covers today’s money topics, such as managing a checking account, online banking, and investment planning, along with exploring and choosing different career paths.

Principles of Coding
Gain the skills needed to design, write, and troubleshoot computer programs utilizing MIT’s coding program, Scratch. By the end of this hands-on course, students in grades 7-8 can write programs that show a presentation, run a simple video game, and design graphics.

Spanish I
Introduce students to Español with Monarch Spanish I. Exploring everyday situations and conversations, this 12-unit elective for grades 9-12 outlines Spanish mechanics and builds proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing the Spanish language. Students practice dialogue, hear pronunciation, and learn basic sentence structure in this multimedia-rich elective.

Spanish II
Expand your student’s knowledge of Spanish with Monarch Spanish II. This interactive elective reviews basic skills and provides in-depth lessons on the Spanish language. Building grammar and pronunciation proficiency, this elective includes projects and activities to build understanding of the Hispanic culture.

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