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100+ Core & Electives Available

30 Days Of Monarch Full Access Free

Enjoy your first 30 days free with a Monarch Full Access trial. Access Monarch’s entire course catalog to expand your child’s learning with electives and enrichment courses for grades 3-12. Is Monarch right for you?


Pear Deck Tutoring

Get live, online tutoring for your child with AOP’s partner, Pear Deck Learning! With thousands of certified teachers and subject experts, Pear Deck provides 24/7 learning support for all subjects so your child can get the help they need when they need it. Learn more about AOP's ondemand tutoring service to get started.

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Digital Wallets Accepted & More Ways To Save

Make homeschooling more affordable with education savings accounts, scholarships, tax credits and more from your state. Our advisors will help you navigate this complex and ever-changing system. Learn about AOP’s options to reduce curriculum expenses with ESAs, pastoral and service discounts, and more.

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