The Walker Family Monarch Review

How April And Rhett Walker Homeschool With Monarch

In 2013, the Rhett Walker Band burst onto the Christian music scene with a song titled “When Mercy Found Me” that earned the band a Grammy nomination for Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Song of the Year. That same year, the band was also nominated for three GMA Dove Awards, including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and New Artist of the Year.

Since the band’s dynamic debut, Rhett Walker has written multiple radio airplay hits, including “Believer” in 2019 and most recently “Gospel Song,” which has reached as high as #2 on Christian music charts.

Recently Rhett’s wife, April, answered a few questions about their homeschool journey and why they enjoy teaching and learning with AOP!

How long have you been homeschooling?
11 years

How long have you homeschooled with AOP?
11 years

How many kids do you have?
We have 4 kids, ages 17 (girl), 14 (boy), 9 (girl), and 3 (boy)

Which curriculum do you use for each child?
Currently we are using Monarch for my 3 oldest (11th, 9th, and 3rd grades). We’ve used LIFEPAC and Horizons in the past.

Who is responsible for homeschooling in your household?
I am responsible for homeschooling, although my husband likes to claim he is the principal. :)

Why did you choose the curriculum you currently utilize?
Since our family travels a lot, I wanted something we could take with us easily. The online option (Monarch) made it where we didn’t need a lot of books or supplies. Now we have more opportunities to see the world while not getting behind in our schoolwork. The curriculum is easy to follow and self-educate. I love the independence it gives my kids to do their assignments without needing me for everything. It’s really nice to not worry about grading everything as well.

Do you plan to use Monarch again? Why or why not?
Yes, when something works, why change it?! Both the kids and I have found the curriculum to work great for our family.

Why did you choose to homeschool?
My husband and I decided to homeschool because we wanted to be the primary influences in our children’s lives. There are a lot of different opinions and beliefs that kids are exposed to. We wanted to filter what and how things are presented. Our faith in God led us to want to steward their maturity to always be pointed to Him. My husband, Rhett Walker, is a Christian musician. His job requires him to travel and work weekends. Homeschooling allows us to travel with him and for us to take off during the week (when he is off) so we can have family time. It’s been such a blessing to have time with our kids that we wouldn't have gotten if they were in a traditional school all day every week.

What is your favorite feature of Monarch?
The automatic grading, online reports, and quick scheduling are some of my favorite features included with Monarch.

What role has AOP played in your homeschool journey?
AOP has been a part of our journey when I first walked into our umbrella school in Tennessee to ask for help getting started homeschooling. The kind administrator gave me a LIFEPAC set, and even though we have ventured out and tried other curriculums, we always find our way back to AOP.